Rev Gary's welcome letter to our Church Schools as they start a new school

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From the Vicar of Powick, Callow End, Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland

To Parents, Carers, Pupils and Staff of Powick Primary School,  Callow End Primary School and Madresfield Primary Schools

September 2020

Dear All,                                                                                                                             

Welcome back to school as we begin a new school year amidst a pandemic together.  For some of you this will be your first day back into school for quite some time.  For some of you,  this will be your first day at a new school -  that’s relevant to the children, parents and carers and our staff. Welcome to your school. Welcome back to the routines, timetables and school runs. We will need to adjust to a new way of living and learning to keep us all safe. 

I am proud and privileged to be the Vicar with three Church of England primary schools, well performing and respected schools I might add, in these two parishes I look after.  I want to welcome you to the parishes where your schools are located and to the Church within the parishes. Welcome to Your Church. Of course,  you will see the buildings from afar -  two schools are neighbours to a church but wherever the Church is,  and how you feel about Church,  I am so pleased that you are here and joining,  in this challenging year to come, a Church School.  A Church School is so different -  the Christian values that we explore, the culture that you will be part of, as well as what you will learn and experience (as a child, parent or teacher), will remain with you for life.  Be part of it.  Enjoy it.  Benefit from it.

This year feels that it is going to be so different because of the COVID.  Regrettably,  visits to the church in large groups, that I relish and enjoy (and have so much fun with),  feel a long way away from reality at the moment.  Our Open the Book church volunteer led  Bible Stories and School Assemblies may be video and class room based rather than something that will be enjoyed together in person.  Harvest and Remembrance will be different too,  but we will commemorate and we will of course remember.  God knows what Christmas will be like  but I am hoping we can do our Christmas Shoe Box Collection.  Watch this space.

I am blessed to share my school work with Kay and Vicky -  both are Lay Ministers with a special interest in our church and school links, and with our parishes’ children and families.  When they can, they will visit,  but please follow them via “Lord’s Alive” on Facebook – we post on this page and I sense we will be making more of it with our experience of uploading videos and live stream of prayers, services and other resources. I have a Facebook presence too -  just search my name.

The Church is there for you regardless of where you live,  if you are a churchgoer or not.  I am your Vicar for the time you are at this school.  So,  if you have anything you want to ask,  please contact me.  You will see me around and I am sure you will recognise me in time,  even with a face covering.

Every blessing to you all as we embark on this new school year. 

Take care and keep safe.  Remember,  we are discovering the new normal as we go.    

                                                                                                                                                                                     Gary +