A Letter From Rev Gary About Advent

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I hope everyone is keeping well. I would like to thank all of you that helped in the Christmas Shoebox collection. They are still coming in and I can’t give you a final figure as yet, but I will let you know more when they have all been gathered in and delivered to the charity warehouse in Evesham.

We are also getting ready to explain and celebrate the true Christmas Presence with our village trail around Madresfield on the 11-12th December - coinciding with our Christmas Tree festival at Madresfield Church. I do hope that you will be able to safely visit this picturesque village to look at the Christmas Story from a different perspective. See the leaflet from Vicky/Kay and associated Facebook posts for more information. 

Watch out - the (knitted) angels are about and coming soon.....

So, lots to look forward to and I haven’t even mentioned the church services yet.....

To truly enjoy Christmas, we need to have a good Advent first. It is a short season that can be made beautiful when we get into its rhythm – that of watching, waiting, listening, and looking forward to the coming of the special one – Jesus. The actual Word Advent means coming or waiting.

Every Advent is different - it is a time for new beginnings, and not surprisingly it marks the start of the Church’s New Year. A good way to get into the rhythm of Advent is in making a little time every day to gather as family for prayer and reflect on what’s going on in your life - or just to be together in love. Rather than opening a door on an Advent Calendar, try opening the door on prayer. It’s easy! I am writing as we also approach the Feast of St. Andrew (30th November), the apostle in the Gospels who introduced people to Jesus. One of the many privileges of being a parent is in introducing your child to Jesus in prayer. Try lighting an Advent Candle to count down the days to Christmas. If you have access to your baptism candle, use that too - and don’t forget the gift of silence! It may be difficult but give it a go! 

Later on in Advent, Christmas Church service information will be circulated with times of Services over the Christmas period, including Crib services on Christmas Eve at Powick, Madresfield and Callow End churches. Looking forward to seeing you then in person rather than via Zoom! 

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Advent as we prepare for the Feast of Christmas.

Rev Gary