August 2019 Vicars Letter

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So how are you enjoying the holidays?

I am writing this in early July and it is baking hot…. but knowing the UK’s weather we might be enjoying a monsoon or worse by the time you read this. Just as I began typing, came the news flashing up on my phone that the dream is over - Konta is out of Wimbledon. I hope that hasn’t ruined the summer for too many of you!… We are still in with a chance with the Cricket.. but, again, by the time you read this...  No, I am not going to get drawn on Boris or Jeremy – whatever your politics, I will glad when anything is announced and we can hopefully get on and sort out stuff that this country needs to be sorted.

I must say a big THANK YOU! to everyone who helped to make the summer season of fetes and fairs so wonderful -   Madresfield Court’s Open Fete and Gardens for School and Church Funds,  The St Peter’s Patronal Fair and the Powick and Callow End Fetes and socials  all added to the rich tapestry of community that makes our villages such great places to live (even if I did have to sit though The Greatest Showman on a big screen for the hundredth time at Callow End -  love it really!). Of course, the weather always helps and it was brilliant.

I am taking a break to write this letter whilst pulling together my Sunday sermon.  The Bible reading is Jesus Sending out the 70 to proclaim the word and continue his mission of love and forgiveness (Luke10.1-11 etc).  We don’t tend to get 70 people in church – unless it’s a wedding, funeral or Christmas.  We don’t even hit that figure across our four Churches  in total on a Sunday, generally.  However, the reading from Luke is all about how we can proclaim and give thanks and help one another along.

Someone was talking with me recently about the difference between gifting and volunteering. They were reflecting on my blog sent into the schools (you know the one,  ‘use the summer to think how you can help your church etc.  Then give me a call’.  The phone is still silent).  Gifting and volunteering.  I’d never really thought about that, but they had a point. If we ask for volunteers, there is always a slight sense of coercion; of people doing something out of a sense of duty and obligation. But if I ask “What do you think is your gifting? And how could you use that to benefit the community / church? It’s a rather different thing – somehow it feels lighter and more enthusiastic – being enabled to use and develop one’s gifting is as much to the advantage of the individual as the organisation. – Do you see?

So somewhere out there,  someone is sensing  what their gifting might be. To help in your churches or even to help those putting on next year’s fetes or fairs or film shows. Who will it be, I wonder? How exciting!

Wishing all of you Happy Holidays (if you are having one)  and every blessing.

Rev Gary