Baptism (Christening) is a sacrament which can be performed at any age. We regularly baptise babies, children and adults in any of our churches.  The service is fun, informative and very special -  even more so as we strive to personalise the service so all your family and friends feel involved and part of this important service.  Why?
When you are baptised you formally become a member of the Christian Church. And that’s a good thing.

Supporting those being baptised- Godparents and sponsors

This is a regular question -  who can be a Godparent?  How many do I need?  What do they need to do

  • Parents and Godparents need to commit themselves to giving the child a Christian upbringing within the family of the Church.
  • They should help the child to be regular in public worship and prayer by teaching and example.
  • We will talk to you what that means, howe you can choose the right
  • We will talk to you what that means, howe you can choose the right

The Baptism Service

Services tend to take place after the morning worship of our churches unless you would like (and we would love it too) to take place during our Sunday worship. What a welcome you would receive!
A standalone baptism takes approximately 45 minutes.

Adult Baptism

For an adult baptism you will be asked to make the promises of baptism for yourself, repenting of your sins and turning to Christ. You must declare before God that you accept the Christian faith.

The baptism of adults is sometimes followed immediately by confirmation and first Communion.


  • Confirmation is for those who are old enough to renew for themselves the promises made at their baptism by their parents and Godparents.
  • Confirmation usually takes place at a service of Holy Communion at which the Bishop presides.  This can happen in the Malvern area or at Worcester Cathedral at times across the year.
  • Un-baptised candidates are first baptised and the Bishop prays that the Holy Spirit will come upon those who are to be confirmed.
  • The service continues with the celebration of the Holy Communion where the newly confirmed join others in receiving the Sacrament.

Is it Free?

Well YES! The church might need to make a small charge for duplicate baptism certificates if required for School Admissions or Wedding arrangements in different religious denominations. Ask for clarification.

we enjoyed the down-to-Earth approach of the new vicar with his two assistants, Paddington Bear + Heather's brother.  Rev Gary's humour and his verbal dialogue with Rupert was particularly entertaining." 

I've attached some photos from the day which we are happy for you to use on the website. We are also happy for you to quote our feedback. 

Best wishes Heather, Justin and Rupert - Madresfield Church June 2019

Such an amazing day today for George’s christening. A huge thank you to vicar Gary Crellin for making a memorable service for George. How many vicars do you know that soak everyone with holy water with a water gun! Everyone said how great Gary was. He made it so fun, even at such a meaningful service. We feel very grateful to have had Gary for George’s big day, thank you again. 

Jamie and Kate for George on Easter Day 2019