We wish to offer you every possible support at the time of the death of a loved one. If you need any information about arranging a funeral you contact us or a local undertaker will also be able to advise you about the necessary arrangements.

If you live in either of the parishes within OldHills Malvern, you should be able to have a funeral for a loved one or relative in one of our churches.

In the Old Hills Benefice, we have four Churches. Any of the churches can be used for a funeral service. That includes St James’ at Callow End.

If you are looking for a churchyard burial,  only St Peter’s at Powick, Mary The Virgin at Guarlford or Madresfield have open church yards.  For residents of Newland, our parish is responsible for the church yard at Newland (the Beauchamp community site.)

If you have a funeral service at a crematorium,  please consider your local church if you wish to inter the ashes into our churchyards at Powick, Guarlford and Madresfield.

At St Peter’s, Powick, we have a specific Garden of Remembrance which is available to all those within the Parish of Powick.  Please contact us or ask your Funeral Advisor

In death, we must celebrate and give thanks for life - all the happy memories of times spent and love shared. Maybe, there are times of pain, sorrow or angst to reflect upon. Everyone has a story to tell and be remembered for. My parishes’s approach to funeral ministry is to give thanks for the life and love shared. Through Jesus’s death and resurrection, we have life eternal to look forward to. A life without pain or sorrow - life to the fullest. We can use words and music ( in church- organ music or on a CD) to fully explore the life and memories we will always keep close. Family members can both contribute and stand up and speak. We also have to say good bye...... . If your loved one is from one of the communities covered by this website, you are entitled to a church funeral or church involvement  in a service of cremation. If a church option is not being offered by your funeral director, please ask the question, if that’s what you or your loved one would like. The Reverend Gary Crellin