It's all in a Shoe Box

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It’s all in a Shoe Box – 20th October 2019


Last week,  I launched the 2019 Christmas Shoe Box Appeal.  Again, the parishes are working with  Teams4U to provide a box of unconditional love at Christmas to children and families across Central and Eastern Europe -  and beyond.  I have been “shoeboxing” for years and I can honestly say it’s one of my best times of the year.  I have worked with the charity to take shoe boxes over to Bihor County in North Western Romania in 2016 and it was one of my most humbling life experiences.  So, as you look at the leaflet that is coming home in school bags (ideal project for half term!) ,  or discussing it at a WI meeting or even over coffee in church,  perhaps you are wondering -  what is this charity?  There are others, but why this one?  How can I get involved? How many boxes can I do this year?  With grateful thanks to Michael Richmond, I am reproducing his article from the autumn Powick Parish Council Newsletter as he sums it up in a shoebox….   Any questions or queries, do get in touch with me.  Rev Gary




Christmas in a Box

The Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2019 is well underway and you can be part of its success. You’ve never heard of it? Well, the charity is the foundation on which this year’s appeal is based.  Team4U was founded by Dave Cooke who has 30 years experience working in the international and development sector. In 1990, Dave assembled teams to provide aid to children in Romanian orphanages and in 2006, Dave founded Team4U to encourage and enable others to help vulnerable children and their families. Team4U has now expanded its operation into several other countries, supporting projects with local organisations and individuals, helping in the region of 60,000 children each year.


So how can you help and what does this entail? Each year a nationwide shoebox appeal is run to provide Christmas gifts to vulnerable children and their families. This is a great project for children (with parents help no doubt) to fill decorated shoe boxes with Christmas Stocking Fillers, to be given with the assistance of local community organisations, such as schools, nurseries, hospitals and orphanages to vulnerable children in a Central and Eastern Europe, and other locations.


Reverend Gary, our “new vicar”, has been very active with this campaign in the past, and urges everyone in the parish to make a special effort and create and fill a shoebox of small presents, which will bring so much happiness to a child who would not otherwise have Christmas presents, something we often take for granted. For ideas as to how to make a shoebox gift, please search on the internet: You Tube T4U Shoebox Guide. Other You Tube searches will show different boxes for different age groups and the success of the Appeal.


Last year, 320 boxes were collected in the parish from various pick up centres that included Guarlford and Powick WIs, the Worcestershire Scouts and Powick, Callow End and Madresfield Primary Schools. For more information regarding this fantastic charity please visit You can also contact Reverend Gary through the new Church website: for information and useful links.