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The English Civil War

The Battle of Worcester


Winter Edition of the Powick Parish Council’s newsletter


Visitors to St Peter’s church, and the regular congregation, can’t fail to be impressed by the new display boards in the Church that were installed at the end of September 2019


Installing the boards was the brain child of the Powick Parish Heritage @ St Peter’s project team as a way of kick-starting the programme to renovate the Church & install a Civil War Visitor Centre in the Lady Chapel.


There are 4 information boards – two give the history of St Peter’s and the role it and the Village played in the 1651 Civil War, whilst the other two feature  prominent historic buildings in the locality – Powick Lunatic Asylum & Powick Mill by the River Teme.


Commenting on the new aquisition, Jonathan Slade, Secretary of Powick PCC & project chairman said  “The boards were made possible by a grant from the Parish Council and an EU LEADER grant Helping rural businesses grow.  The boards installation, and the local history conveyed, widens the role of the Church as a community, cultural and historic hub, and makes a strong statement of our intention to renovate St Peter’s to secure its future“





                                                    The European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development

                                                                      Europe Investing in Rural Areas