Powick Flood Relief - A Message From the Vicar

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It feels like this winter if not the autumn too, has been far too wet rather than frosty.  Rain upon rain has fallen.  Fields are like quagmires already.  How long will it take to dry out?  At the end of February, the rivers Teme and Severn burst their banks on an unprecedented scale after two weekends of stormy conditions  -  worse than the 2007 floods, so I am told.  It significantly affected The Village in Powick,  and down the lanes facing the River Teme in Callow End too.  What could the church do to support the families so affected?  I did suggest to the Churchwardens and Treasurers to sell up -  all of our buildings and chattels -  sell the lot for a good deal of wood and tar.  Why?  Perhaps we needed an ark.....   


Well, in the end, an ark was provided. A large dry hanger  was opened to support local people who wanted to collect and donate to those homeowners affected by the floods. Your Church in Powick was opened  to receive donations of food, cleaning equipment, clothing and bedding.  Over 100 people came to donate items over two evenings in the peak of the need.  They also donated rooms/accommodation, a fundraising concert,  pet sitting , furniture , hard labour to help clean and move furniture etc.  I was also told that some folk "press-ganged" local supermarkets into donating tokens or produce.  Well done them -  and thanks to those individuals that had the gumption so to do that, and the stores for helping.   As well as the donators,  I witnessed those receiving the generosity of others.  Those affected by the floods were shocked and what had happened to them,  but also humbled and so happy that village folk,  mostly people they would never know, had come out on two damp evenings to give to them.  Tears flowed as the enormity of the situation hit home.  The enormity of what had happened to them was also trumped by the enormity of the generosity of others.   


I would like to pay tribute to all the help and input given to the Powick Flood Relief efforts.  To Steve Symonds and family, Fran and her team at The Red Lion,  Tom Wells,  Andy Lamb and fellow Parish Councillors, the Highways and Environment Agencies,  H&W Fire and Rescue and  all of those that came out with help or offers of help. I am so pleased that in a small way that our ark, your church, could also help. Thank you to our key holders for opening up and making the tea.  The families are not out of the woods yet -  with insurance claims, drying out and coming to terms with this calamity still very much the feature of the coming weeks and maybe months, we need to hold all those affected in our prayers -  now and in the coming weeks.  


Rev Gary