The Commemoration Path - St Peter’s Church - Powick


The Commemoration Path at St  Peter’s is a lovely feature that can be used to remember a special event in your family or community’s life.  It is not a memorial feature -  for that,  we recommend the Garden of Remembrance or the beautiful churchyard.  For other significant life events,  having an inscription carved on to these stones will be a lasting memory of a happy event.

What commemorations can be remembered?

We do not want to be too prescriptive,  but weddings, significant anniversaries, baptisms or confirmations or remembering the church as a special place or place of association,  seem most befitting. 

What is the cost?

For new applications received, from 1st September 2018, the Parish asks for a Gift Aided Donation of £60.  This covers our responsibilities to maintain and clean the stonework and to cover our administration to set up your application.

The PCC currently maintains the services of a Stonemason to inscribe your application.  The Stonemason’s charges are fixed by the Stonemason and are in addition to our Stone Donation referred to above.  Current Stonemason costs are £3.00 incl VAT per letter or symbol requested.

The Small Print

The application relates to a request to inscribe onto a stone.   An application does not prefer rights to keep the stone for personal use. All further applications for additional inscriptions by the same applicant must be received in writing (details below) including the £60 Stone Dination.  Applicants will be asked whether they can Gift Aid this donation.

The applicant is only permitted to use the services of the retained stonemason. The type face (letter style) and size of lettering will be set with the stonemason and vicar to ensure uniformity of look across the whole path.  The inscriptions applied for will need to be agreed with the Vicar as part of the application. The vicar’s agreement is required for each inscription.

By all means you can request a preference for the location of your inscription on a stone. The reservation of space on a stone, or specific stones, is not possible.  Sole use of a stone or reservation of additional space is not possible. The PCC reserves the right to place additional inscriptions onto previously inscribed stones ,if space is required, and without further notice or consultation. 

Application Process and Payment Details   (from 1st September 2018):

Please write to the Vicar , see CONTACT US,  requesting your inscription to be considered.  Please provide a clear inscription.  In addition,  please supply a cheque for the Stone Donation for £60 plus the lettering charge (£3 per letter or symbol requested) made payable to Powick PCC with each application.  Once your payment has been received, we will ask you about Gift Aid and an order will be made with the stonemason to complete the work.  Once the stone is in position,  we will let you know.

Please consider Gift Aiding your fee.  There is NO CHARGE to you for making the request. If you are a UK Tax Payer, please mention that you are willing to Gift Aid your fee.  Please check that you are are eligible to do this via your Tax Office, Accountant or​

Disputes or Concerns

Any concerns or disputes regarding the stone’s completed inscription will be referred by the Vicar (or in his absence -  a Churchwarden) to the Stonemason for resolution without further charge to the PCC.    

In any concern about the nature of this policy, applications, or the Stone Donation  the Vicar’s decision will be final.  Please note that the stonemason sets his/her fees which might vary from those stated in this policy over the course of the policy year (to 31st August 2019).

The Donations applicable with this policy are effective from 1st September 2018 to 31st August 2019