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How does the Old Hill parishes fit in with the wider church?

The Old Hills parishes are part of the Diocese of Worcester. The Diocese is, in effect,  the regional structure of the Church of England and spans the County of Worcestershire and parts of the Metropolitan Borough of Dudley in the West Midlands.

The Diocese provides oversight and support to parishes.  There are two Bishops in the  Diocese. Rt Rev John Inge is the Bishop of Worcester. The Bishop of Worcester is a senior Bishop who  also sits in the House of Lords. There is is a supporting Bishop, the Bishop of Dudley. Bishop Graham has been appointed ( July 2019) as the Bishop of Norwich. His successor as the next Bishop of Dudley  will soon be reconsidered and a selection process started.

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As well as links to Church of England resources, did you know that this group of churches supports a number of charities?  Through our regular giving or famous coffee mornings or soup lunches, we strive to help those charities where their values and aims chime with your churches. As well as the Barnabas Fund, Bible Society, Children's Society, Send a Cow, MAF, Christians Against Poverty (Malvern CAP) and Malvern Food Bank, we are linked with two charities with an international flavour....

To reflect our Diocese’s link with Tanzania, we will be developing our links via a Redditch based charity called  Mission Morogoro. Supporting a rural community near Berega and Tunguli, MM fund raises for the local hospital, supports ventures to reduce perinatal mortality and is also tasked to rebuild St Elizabeth’s Church - destroyed by floods in 2017. To be honest, they are not waiting for us to get their church rebuilt, the people of Tunguli are just getting on with it.  Find out more via:

Christmas Shoe Box Appeal 
Every year , the churches will collect filled shoe boxes for the charity, Teams4U.  This charity is growing and is founded by one of the original shoe box charity pioneers. This charity may not be as well known as certain other Shoe Box Charities, but is doing great things in the areas it operates.  It’s small enough to get to know and work with. It has gone back to basics and is working with partner organisations in Central/ Eastern Europe - areas where still 24/7 electricity and mains water are not as prevalent as here in Old Hills and people still live in clay brick huts in certain parts of Romania that Rev Gary visited in 2016.  Last year , over 320 boxes were collected through the kind endeavours of so many people including Guarlford and Powick WIs, the Worcestershire Scouts, Powick, Callow End and Madresfield Primary Schools and many individuals that were excited by the idea. We are hoping for more, year on year, despite Brexit! If you want to get involved, by collecting items for a shoe box or doing some yourself, contact us for more info. You will be sending unconditional love to a child or a family in time for Christmas ( or the Orthodox Christmas) by your kind actions . Find out more : 

Renew is a Christian charity supporting people who are enduring or recovering from mental health issues. Running on Friday’s (10am- 1230pm) at the Link Garden Centre in Powick ( Off the main A449 near the playing fields). Powick Church is one of a number churches that support this venture through prayer, puzzles and cake. Contact us for further information on how you can get involved.

We are also beginning to forge links with a navy warship too, via Rev Gary’s Padre role with the local Royal British Legion and personal contact. More soon about this interesting development!


Photograph Acknowledgements - photographs on this website have been sourced or supplied from a variety of fantastic local parishioners whom are good photographers too. Thank you to Angus McCulloch, Robin and Theo Shuard and Mike Richmond.  If you see a photo of yours on this site, and wish it to be acknowledged, please let Rev Gary know.