Vicar's Blog 14th July

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Vicar's Blog (14th July 2019)
The UK now has more churches open than pubs.  A study by the National Churches Trust reports that there are now 39,000 open pubs with 11,000 reported as closed over the last decade.  However there are 40,300 open churches.  As comparison,  there are only 11,500 open Post Offices.  How are these churches used? As well as for worship, church building are used as community places, nurseries, lunch clubs, advice centres, concert/exhibition venues -  even GP surgeries, farmer's markets and during election time - polling stations. 

How are OUR four churches  used?   Regrettably,  not much more than a few hours a week if you include the bellringing. Most are closed all week except worship and Powick's summer Saturdays and current programme of school visits.  We do have our developing plans for Powick and , yes, I am resurrecting (subject to discussion with the PCC of course) the idea of "facilities" at Madresfield as part of our churches being Welcoming and Attractive. Both these projects at Powick & Madresfield will take time, energy, enthusiasm and money for sure.  Our Buildings should be buildings for mission, not museum  to the past. 

Last week I gave you "anticipated" attendance figures for our churches.  How did we do?  from memory -  Powick - 18,  Callow End- 18,  Guarlford (8am)- 4  and Madresfield - 2 (figures exclude ministers). 

Have a good week -  Rev Gary