A Beautiful Setting For Your Big Day

Embarking on the journey of marriage is one of the biggest steps you'll take in life. There are some things about marrying in church that make this once in a life time  occasion extra special.

A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. God's blessing is the main attraction for many couples, whatever their beliefs.

Your wedding vows, made in a church, will help you to stay together and grow together.

Rev Gary has a very particular role to play in your wedding as your Priest. The Priest’s role is to blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story. Because of the relationship with your local Priest, your wedding can be made personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful.

Church buildings offer outstanding beauty. 

Old or ancient, intimate or grand, our four churches are some of the county’s most picturesque wedding venues.

Church buildings offer a sense of historical importance and closeness to the past. You can feel you're becoming part of history itself by marrying in the same place as your relatives.

You can personalise the ceremony to suit you. You can even use an online ceremony planner to get you started. For some people, a church simply seems like the proper place to get married. Churches can be described as 'peaceful', 'serene', or having an atmosphere that makes marrying there a particularly special experience.

If you're not sure if you qualify for a church wedding or not, then simply get in touch and rev Gary will be able to talk you through the process.




From December 2019,  the Law relating to the Registration of Marriages is changing.  For marriages happening in churches next year , further briefings will be given to couples as part of your wedding preparation.  This will not affect the service in church,  the changes affect how your wedding is registered.  

Why get married at one of our beautiful churches?

For more information about getting married in any of our churches please look at the following presentation. It provides information on the legal and religious requirements for a church wedding. The presentation will also provide a wealth of preparation material to help you plan your big day.



Wedding Information- Download Here

What are the costs?

The Church can provide a range of optional extras to enhance your wedding day. These are optional and additional to the National Fees that are payable.

The National Fee (£489) includes:

  • My support in preparing you for your Big Day
  • Order of Service, Rehearsal etc
  • My time/ the officiating Priest on the day -  acting as a Priest
  • (Getting you married in the sight and blessing of God in this special place) 
  • My Time / the officiating Priest on the day -  acting as the REGISTRAR
  • (Getting you LEGALLY married on the day under the Law of the Land – Banns, Registers, Certificates)

The extras

The Bells

The Bells considerably enhance the overall ambience of your wedding day and continues this noble art of the British Countryside going for the next generation. Why not enjoy it and support it? 

Powick -  Before and After the service -  £150
Powick -  After the service -  £100
Madresfield -  After the Service - £150


Our flower teams at Powick and Madresfield can assist with the purchase and arrangement of floral displays. Please contact us for more information. 

Wedding Dates

There are lots of dates available for your wedding but we can't offer every day of the year - We can arrange for a wedding to take place on most days, BUT we've taken the decision not to arrange any Sunday or Bank Holiday weddings or on the days between Christmas and New Year or on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday or Holy Saturday (sometimes mistakenly called Easter Saturday)... the day before Easter!

It is very difficult to work a wedding into the complex pattern of Sunday services across our churches - and even more so when it come to working with organists, vergers, choirs, bell ringers and flower arrangers and so on who often other commitments on a Sunday.  Bank holidays, and the days between Christmas and New Year cause similar problems so we feel it's fairer all round simply to avoid those days. 

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday are significant Holy days in the Church year and it isn't appropriate to have weddings on those days.