Old Hills Malvern - Parishes of Powick, Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland

Churches resume Worship from Sunday 6th September

All four churches across the two parishes will resume worship on Sundays from the 6th September.  See our calendar for service times and venues.  Each church in the group will have a service once a fortnight.

A new Sunday evening service, at 5.30pm for 30mins,  will operate via Zoom from Sunday 13th September 2020.  Contact Rev Gary for access details.  This may be attractive to those that may not be able to attend church for whatever reason for the morning service.

Church services will also resume for baptisms,  weddings (where legally possible) and funeral services from this date.  Again,  contact us for further details.  There will be restrictions on what we can do,  and how many people can gather.  Social distancing will be observed and we will abide by our agreed Risk Assessment which will be posted on line before we reopen.

Face coverings must be worn in church.  Stock up on yours now and don't forget to bring them to church.

It will be good to worship with you again -  in person!


Annual Parochial Church Meetings

Powick Parish will be having their APCM at St Peter's, Powick on Sunday 18th October. It will be part of the Sunday worship which starts at 11am. To see a copy of the 2019 Annual Report please click here. Please click here for the Notice of APCM and click here for the Notice for a Meeting for the Election of Churchwardens.


Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland Parishes will be having their APCM at St Mary's, Madresfield on Sunday 25th October at 12noon. The meeting will conclude by 1pm. To see a copy of the 2019 Annual Report please click here.


Rev Gary's welcome letter to our Church Schools as they start a new school year can be found here and also on the Vicar's blog tab.

A notice regarding the necessary cessation of mid week Holy Communion at The Orchard in Colletts Green can be found here and also on the Vicar's Blog tab.


There are a number of mission critical VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES coming up across the Old Hills Malvern Parishes. Click here for more details.



A PRAYER FOR THE CORONAVIRUS SITUATION - from Sr Laurentia from the "new" Stanbrook Abbey nr Thirsk in North Yorkshire

Almighty Father, God of all consolation, look upon us and all of humanity in this time of illness and anxiety. We confide to you all who are afflicted by COVID-19: those suffering from the disease, the dying, those who have died, the anxious, all who have lost loved ones or their livelihood. Grant healing to the sick, comfort those who mourn. Give strength and courage to all who are fighting the disease at the front line and in medical research as well as those working in essential services. May we be kept safe and well. May we be blessed with serenity, compassion and deep trust in the Resurrection of your Son our Lord Jesus Christ through whom we make our prayer; he who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.    


St James' Church in Callow End will reopen on Wednesday afternoons from the 29th July - 30th September from 2.30pm-4.00pm for private prayer only.   




I simply want to assure you all that Your Church, even though it is closed for public worship, will be there for you if you need it.  Remember, when someone dies in one of our villages, a Church of England funeral is available for them in their own parish where they live, whether they were churchgoers or not. Such funerals are available in our beautiful churchyards at Powick (open for Powick and Callow End residents), Madresfield, Gualford and Newland ,  at a green burial site or at the local Crematorium Chapel in Worcester, Fladbury or Cheltenham. Please contact me if I can help you or your family, if needed, or advice in these difficult times.  Thank you.

Please note,  for in church funerals, prior to committal in the churchyard or at the crematorium,  there will  be restrictions brought about by Government Regulation or Church of England Advice and Guidance effective fron the 6th Septemnber across the Old Hills Malvern Churches.  The restrictions will cover the numbers of people that can attend the church,  the need to ear face coverings and to use sanitiser product,  participation in NHS test and Trace data collection.  regrettably,  although music can be listened to,  hymns cannot be sung (unless a choir/professional accomplement is commissioned).  Contact the Vicar for further information.




Over the pandemic,  to supplement our parish magazines,  a news sheet -  Old Hills Malvern Headlines- has been produced.  With church reopening,  Rev Gary is considering how best to continue with such a bulletin given the reduced frequency of services in each church and the success of social media and the website for reaching out and communicating.  It is accepted that a number of parishioners do not use the internet but it is used by the majority. More details anon. 

Rev Gary's monthly  Pastoral Letter is on the Vicar's Blog page



The website has been modified to take on line resources for worship and prayer. Please look for On Line Worship for these resources.  Any new material will be signposted on this page, but please hop over to On Line Worship to find prayers, services etc. As well as the recently introduced Worship for the Self Isolating, please consider using the following:



LORD'S ALIVE SERVICES are available on-line.

Go to the 'Children and Families' tab at the top of the page for all the links.  A new seervice is being uploaded for Harvestide.



POWICK PARISH NEWS -  This will be available on this website -  look for the Links tab on the green bar at the top of this page. 

THE GRAPEVINE -  for Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland households -  an on line version is available and a printed edition will be distributed where and when we can from the end of July. Look for the Links tab on the green bar at the top of this page.




Levani oculos meos in montes  

Psalm 121 (I lift my eyes to the hills)

Well done for finding us on the web! A number of people are saying " what has the Old Hills got to do with the churches in these parts?"  Well,  the Psalm says it all really.....

This website should provide you with a lot of useful information about the four churches in the Parishes of Powick, Guarlford and Madresfield with Newland. We are a small group of parishes that is in the Malvern Hinterland. If you are driving to or from Worcester or the Malvern Hills or the Three Counties Show Ground, there is a high probability you are driving through us.

We have the best of both worlds -10 minutes either from The Malvern's or the City of Worcester.  We are four Churches that are welcoming and attractive and want to serve you. So if you are looking for Sunday worship (give us a try -  might be a little difficult at the moment because of Coronavirus, but bookmark us and keep in touch), struggling with your faith or want to find out more, or to explore how Your Church can assist and be with you for a wedding, baptism or a funeral, We hope you will consider contacting us after reviewing the information and pictures on this new website.

Your Churches have an interesting future ahead -  be part of it......



These are difficult times--

Please support your local churches if you need help with life’s events - births ( baptisms), deaths ( funerals) or marriages ( in church).  Contact Rev Gary via www.oldhillsmalvern.co.uk if your  churches can help you.

If you can afford to donate money  to help with the running of these four churches in these uncertain times, please contact Rev Gary via Contact Us, in confidence.  


This Sunday in Your Church

Mass for Hard Times -  Welcome back to worship!

A Service of Holy Communion,  following the rites and traditions of the Book of Common Prayer (1662): 

9.30am  Guarlford Church

11.00am  Powick Church

 5.30pm  Fruits of the Spirit An Evening Prayer on Zoom

(contact The Vicar for the Zoom Access Codes required for this service)  

Please go to the Online Worship tab to see intercessions for the week ahead and for Creationtide 2020

Two sets of intercessions are offered - one for w/c 20th September that relate to the Common Worship Lectionary Readings.  Another set reflects our journey through Creationtide (from now until the Feast Day of St Francis, 4th October - traditionally our harvest time).  Talking of Francis, I also include Pope Francis’s prayer for the earth. Rev Gary       


NIGHT PRAYER - resumes via Zoom on Thursday 10th September at 8.30pm


Our Churches are developing a Hybrid Church approach to worship and prayer -  physically gathered in each church once a fortnight. and on line via Zoom.  Join us.



Download the Zoom App from www.zoom.us to join in.


Or try praying and worshipping using our on line resources? It will change your life!


Our Safeguarding Commitment


If you are concerned that a child or adult has been harmed or may be at risk of harm please contact the DST (See below). If you have immediate concerns about the safety of someone, please contact the police and your local authority Children or Adults Services. Other agencies such as Childline are available 0800 1111

You will be taken very seriously and it's safe to talk

For urgent advice or concerns, please contact the Vicar of the parish, the Reverend Gary Crellin on 01905 830270  or the parishes' safeguarding officer (PSO) ,  Mrs Kay Shaurd on 01905 830744 or the Diocese of Worcester Safeguarding Leads (DSTs) on 07495 060689 or 07376 374380 

We follow the House of Bishops guidance and policies and have our own Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO) for both parishes (see above). The Diocese of Worcester's  safeguarding pages contain vital links and information including contacts for the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, DST, who advise our PSOs.  Follow this link for further information: https://www.churchofengland.org/safeguarding/promoting-safer-church/policy-practice-guidance